Course Name Files
EXPHIL Examen philosophicum .txt
INF1000 Introduction to object-oriented programming .pdf
INF1010 Object oriented programming .pdf
INF1060 Introduction to operating systems and data communications .txt .org
INF1300 Introduction to databases .pdf
INF1400 Digital technology .pdf .pdf (rev h14)
INF1411 Elektroniske systemer .pdf
INF1510 Bruksorientert design YouTube
INF2220 Algorithms and data structures .pdf (larstvei)
INF2270 Computer architecture .pdf
INF2810 Functional programming .txt .org
INF3331 Problemløsning med høynivå-språk .pdf
INF3400 Digital mikroelektronikk .pdf
INF3430 Digital systemkonstruksjon .pdf
INF3470 Digital signalbehandling
INF3480 Introduction to robotics
INF3490 Biologically inspired computing .pdf
MAT1100 Calculus .pdf .pdf (formelsamling)
MAT1110 Calculus and linear algebra .pdf .pdf (formelsamling)


Course Name Files
FYS4240 Computer based instrumentation and micro controllers
INF4130 Algoritmer: Design og effektivitet .pdf .pdf (twoside)
INF4500 Rapid Prototyping
INF4820 Algorithms for artificial intelligence and natural language processing .pdf
INF5390 Kunstig intelligens .pdf
INF5750 Open source software development GitHub
UNIK4690 Maskinsyn .pdf YouTube


Description Files
How to write a thesis .pdf
Testing in pig intestines YouTube
Thesis .pdf .pdf (print)

Script etc.. (might be outdated)

Description Files
Openbox setup UiO .tar.gz .png (screenshot) .org
Emacs config (.emacs) .html (old) .org
LaTeX commands.sty article.sty mal.tex ififorside
i3 setup .org
Bashrc ++ .org
Tutorials The New Boston .NET Academy Codeacademy